The new Alien Power Pack is a 10S super flat battery (only 21mm) designed to be used in DIY Electric Longboard application. The battery has a built in High power BMS 80Amp constant power, with a cut off set on 150Amp. A Built in LCD display show status of the battery. The Alien Power Pack has a built in power switch circuit to turn on or off the system. Also the pack has a built in USB charging port for charge smartphones, remote control and similar

Any customization are welcome.


SIZE mm: 400 x 135 x 21
WEIGHT: 1800g
MAH: 8700
N° of cells: 10S3P 18650 LG
Nominal Volt: 37
Discharge rate per cell: 10C
Wires: Silicone 12AWG
Battery connectors: NO
Charger: 100-240v 42v 2amp charger with Led
Charging time: approximately 4H

This battery is a custom made product by APS. All Alien batteries are made by a specialized japanese company. The C rate is the real power that the battery can deliver. The warranty covers only factory faults. Every battery is tested before being sent. If there is a fault, the buyer needs to make a claim within 7 days after receipt of the item.

Alien Power Pack 10S 8700mah - Discount