Reif is a product tester, critic, general cool dude who gives advice re what happening in the shifting e-skater world.


"We want to provide the highest quality personal electrical, battery driven personal transport devices and parts.  If we exist to attract and maintain customers, everything else will fall into place."  

Voltation is an e-commerce company designed to become a major player in
Web based sales of personal electrical vehicles and parts. The company is
located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

We partner with other electrical equipment suppliers via distribution
agreements, to secure a reliable supply of quality products, for distribution in
Australia and New Zealand, starting with a agreement with the UK
based company, Alien Power Systems.


Supports Arne in his crazy venture and try to keep things grounded.



Figured out that if you want a good DIY e-ride, you have to used tried and tested parts - avoiding fires and burnt out motors. So he started sourcing quality parts and this became an online business.